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Fertility Support Group

free drop-in support group

  • Have you recently received an infertility diagnosis?

  • Do you experience significant anxiety, depression, anger, stress, grief, sadness and/or hopelessness related to family-building challenges?

  • Are you currently exploring family building options or in the midst of fertility treatment?

  • Or perhaps you are living in quiet shame and/or feeling isolated?

Who: Individuals & Couples

Open to individuals and couples in all stages of the family-building process, including both primary and secondary fertility challenges.

What: Together we will~

  • Create a supportive community

  • Explore and break down common family-building challenges

  • Improve coping strategies and awareness

When: Every 2nd Monday of the Month

Time: @ 6:30-7:30pm

Where: via Zoom

Cost: FREE

Questions? Click on that "Contact Me" button!

Fertility Support Group: Service
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