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5-week fertility support and mindfulness group

Mindful Fertility

  • Are attempts to control your fertility completely stressing you out?

  • Do you experience significant anxiety, depression, anger, stress, grief, sadness, hopelessness and/or pessimism related to fertility?

  • Does your desire to build a family overwhelm your thoughts?

  • Do you have difficulty engaging in meaningful relationships and enjoyable activities?

  • Or perhaps you are living in quiet shame and feeling isolated?

Who: This group is open to fertility challenged women who are seeking additional coping skills and an emotional support system. Both primary and secondary fertility diagnoses are welcome. You may find yourself at any stage in the fertility process (new infertility diagnosis, primary or secondary infertility, and single parent by choice are all welcome!) Together we will:

  1. Create a supportive community within each other.

  2. Explore and breakdown common infertility challenges.

  3. Build a Mindfulness practice to improve coping strategies and awareness.

When: group is not currently in session

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