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You are not alone...

Grief & Loss

Do you feel a loss of hope and control as you struggle to conceive? Are you grieving the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child? Maybe you struggle with a loss of identity as you transition and adjust to motherhood? Or perhaps you are experiencing a loss of faith or trust in your body? You are not alone, and I can help!

Grief & Loss Therapy: Services

what does grief look like?

Grief enters our lives in many fashions~ loss of a job, end of a relationship, chronic illness, death of a loved one. In my opinion grief never truly leaves us, but rather ebbs and flows throughout our lives. In some instances grief can become so overwhelming that it mirrors symptoms of depression, unfortunately unlike depression, grief cannot typically be medicated but rather requires time, patience and care.

when therapy can help

Grief can affect you:

  • physically (headaches, sleep and appetite disturbance),

  • emotionally (sadness, anger)

  • socially (isolation)

  • spiritually (crisis of faith)

Should you find that you are struggling and/or overwhelmed by any of the above symptoms you may benefit from therapy at this time.

individual & couples counseling

Through individual and couples counseling, I can help you and your partner navigate and explore your grief in a safe and gentle space.

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