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What to Expect at Your Visit

The decision to seek therapy is a very personal and many times difficult choice to make. It is not uncommon to put therapy on that never ending "to do" list with no follow through. And it often takes great strength and courage to make that initial call for help.

As your therapist, I believe that your comfort and confidence are of utmost importance and I recognize the value of your time. In our sessions you will find that I have an eclectic and relaxed approach to therapy that may include mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work, and humor. It is important to me that we start where you are emotionally ready, and together we will explore your innate strengths and resiliency.

I offer therapeutic support for individuals and couples, both in person and via telehealth, in all areas of the reproductive spectrum- trying to conceive/ (in)fertility, pregnancy, loss, postpartum and beyond.

*all clients must be California residents*

What to Expect: About Me
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